Self Reported Food Allergies

FARE reported on a FDA study showing that there’s a growing rate of Self-Reported Food Allergies among adults over the years 2001, 2006, and 2010…

Here are my thoughts, as a patient.

Allergy testing is expensive and not comprehensive. Just this year, I paid about $700 for a 90 food item scratch test, which gives me a bunch of things I know I *might* be allergic to (after all, SPT’s are have as much as 50% rate of false positives), but there’s hundreds of other common food items that aren’t tested, so I still end up needing to do extensive elimination diet testing. Meanwhile, some items I tested negative for still give me OAS-type symptoms, which, in my experience, significantly weaken my immune system to the point where I become prone to frequent colds and infections. So after going through a lot of money in testing, I still need to self-test and self-diagnose well beyond my allergists findings. The doctor-led testing only gives me a starting point, which I’ll say was worth it.

While there is a large problem in people are self-diagnosing themselves with allergies they don’t have (gluten/wheat seems to be a popular one), each person NEEDS to be responsible for their own knowledge of the condition and responses of their body – especially in the food they eat.


Food as poison

There’s a concept that seems to be popular among the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol movement of “Food as Medicine”, that food can be used to help your body heal.

I’m dealing with my allergies using the concept of “Food as Poison”, that much of what I used to think was edible will actually kill me.  This helps me.

Happy Fat Tuesday.  You can take that Paczki and shove down your own throat, thank you very much.